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Wee Forest Folk is a small family business in Massachusetts which delights in producing a line of miniatures, most of which are mice. Annette Petersen crafted her first little critter over 35 years ago. Since then, her children have created their own sculptures. Each figurine is a casting of an original piece sculpted in clay by either Annette, Willy or Donna. Meticulous painting brings each sculpture to life. Talented artist from New England have been carefully selected for their delicate hand skills. Enormous amounts of time and patience are invested in producing the line. Everyone involved takes personal pride in assuring the quality of each piece as it progresses through the many steps along the way to completion. Most mice sculptures are between 1 1/4" and 2" in height. The bears are a bit larger.




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Wee Forest Folk M-314b SPARKEY AND SON

Price: $184.00

Wee Forest Folk M-376 Special Arrival (blue)

Price: $118.00

Out of stock

M-305 Special Delivery

Price: $78.00

M-354 Striped Tiara

Price: $108.00

Out of stock

M-234 Sun Snoozer (light green) RETIRED 2/21/10

Price: $98.00

M-2002 Surprise! (retired)

Price: $290.00

M-177 Tea for Three

Price: $184.00

M-177 Tea for Three (Valentine's Day) (limited,retired)

Price: $204.00

M-177 Tea for Three (Halloween) (limited,retired)

Price: $200.00

M-177 Tea for Three (Christmas) (limited,retired)

Price: $210.00




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